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Friday, August 2, 2013

Week 1: Body by Vi - 90 Day Challenge

It is officially here! The end of week one!
Like most people, I have an issue with redundant tastes or anything that is going to take me out of my food "comfort zone". But surprisingly enough, there were so many shake recipes that my biggest issue was choosing which shake to make. They were all so good and sweet. What's funny is I'm a chocolate lover, but I hate sweets! So I thought the cake mix was going to be too sweet, especially in the mornings. But again I was mistaken. The first couple of days took some getting used to but I was determined to overcome. :)
I've struggled with weight gain over the last couple of years; which became more complicated this year when I was diagnosed with inoperative Degenerative Cartilage in my dominate, left wrist.Which has seriously stunted any physical activity involving me holding any weight or supporting my own. So my decision to try Visalus was that of desperation; not only for my self image but more so to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being so young, 30, I didn't want this to be the beginning to my end.
But let's back up. For those of you who missed it, I am taking the Body by Vi - 90 Day Challenge. I want my readers to have an honest account of this weight loss product. In the end, the results and opinions are my own and in no way reflect the brand as a whole. I am not a spokesperson for the product, nor an I being paid by Visalus or any of its affiliates.  
Whew! Now that, that is out of the way we can move on...  As promised I did not work out or change my lifestyle the first week. I am a blogger and a magazine editor so as you can tell, I do A LOT of sitting down. But this week, starting today, I will start back walking in the evening with my husband and doing some light cardio in the gym or some Zumba Fit at home. But nothing to intense, it's only the second week.
Because the shakes are meal replacements, I had to train myself to actually eat during the day. Something I find hard to do for some reason. And because I don't eat "enough" my metabolism is extremely slow. But around day 3 that all changed. After my first shake in the morning, I was energized all the way until about noon, when my body decided that it was hungry, I mean HUNGRY and needed food. I started telling my husband that I was craving certain foods. My metabolism has kicked back in! I crave water (all day), and fruit, and boiled eggs, or grilled chicken, and veggies (which I love anyway). It's like my body is remembering what it needs to run again.
So, starting this week I will be more interactive with you and try to blog everyday so that you can see my results. But this is not a one woman show. If you have any questions or concerns or even have a story to share comment below. I'll always respond. Or if its personal, email me: TransitionsMagazine@live.com
I haven't weighed in today so I will post those results later this evening.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The $3 Pedicure

Okay, anyone who knows me knows I am a Pinterest fanatic. Well, there have been a few posts about the shaving cream and Listerine Pedicure, and I thought, "no way!" Well my husband, who wears many hats, works in the auto industry, and wears steel toed boots 50 hours a week, so I thought, "Let’s try it!"

So we went to Big Lots and bought a can of Barbasol and Orange Listerine. (Everyone was very adamant about it absolutely having to be Listerine, and orange just smells better) So I pulled out the foot tub and mixed: 1 part Listerine to 1 part water. Covered his feet in the shaving cream and wrapped them in Listerine soaked hand towels. We watched an episode of Big Bang Theory ( Huge Fans, btw!) and then... drum roll, please.

Tada!!!! If I were not there I would not even believe myself. His feet were smooth and soft. Anyone whose husband wears steel toes know how calloused their feet get to support the weight of the boots. My baby's feet were no different. I was so stunned I forgot to take pictures - and for that I am sorry.    :(   But, if you have 30 minutes please, please, please do this for yourself, or your hubby!

Try it and let me know how the pedicure turned out for you. Since I was too excited to take pictures, feel free to post your results.

7 Steps To Transitioning: Stage One In Your Journey

 Step 1.
Keep Hair Clean

transitionsmagazine.blogspot.comThis is the toughest part of your Transitions stage. You will have to change your mindset from that of a "relaxer". What worked for you then, will almost definitely not work for you now. In the first few months, after your decision, take the time to get to know your hair. The time you spend now will be detrimental to the ease of the rest of your stages. Knowing what things your hair does and does not like early on will take the hassle out of figuring it out as you go. A clean scalp and healthy tresses will make this journey a little easier too. If you are not quite ready to ditch your shampoo, alternate washes between shampoo and cowashing. But do remember to read your ingredients. I am not an ingredient junkie, but if I can't pronounce the first 5 or so then it will definitely not go home with me. This is the best time to create "your" regimen,  that works for "you". I always tell people to buy sample products before they spend any money on "the next best thing", and then get home and hate it. Ask your LBS, most will keep them behind the counters.

Step 2.
Protective Style

One of the best ways to keep your hair healthy, and you sane, are protective styles. This is especially true now. I transitioned for a year and not too many people knew. My best friend - the sewin not only kept my hair protected from any urge to use heat, but also gave me the time and freedom I needed during the process. Sewins allowed me to have versatility in styling and the ease of keeping my scalp clean without removing the style. I alternated between this and crochet braids. Loved the crochet braids! They also gave my husband the opportunity to view me with curly hair instead of the chemical-free, but flat ironed, woman he knew. A few other styles I enjoyed were:
flat twist up-dos, high bun with bangs, rod / straw sets, two strand twists, and anything I could pull off with Marley hair or bulk hair.        

Step 3.
Cut Out The Heat


transitionsmagazine.blogspot.comRods and rollers are the best way to elongate your relaxed look. Although they will make you happy now, flat irons and pressing combs will be the death of your future natural tresses.  Not only are the first few months of transitioning some of the most critical, they can be the most damaging. Try to fight your urges to flat iron or press your hair to blend your two textures. (Especially your edges and that "kitchen".) Take the time to care for your new growth, change any products or daily routines that may be or are potentially dangerous to your hair and/or scalp. More transitioners succumb to more damage in the beginning of their phases due to the urge to want to use heat to treat the unknown.
For my curlies and transitioners in the south, let us not underestimate the summer heat (or spring for that matter). The sun can oxidize the protein in your hair, so be sure to use UV protectants and protein treatments before styling.  Before you turn on those flat irons, remember that there is no cure for heat damage, you can only treat it. It may cause thinning, breakage, and even you having to completely cut it off.

Step 4.
Moisturize! Moisturize! and then Moisturize .... Again!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Tuscaloosa's Kid's Triathlon

Transitions Magazine would like to extend an invitation. Help us sponsor 10 children in Tuscaloosa's Kid's Triathlon to benefit Secret Meals for Hungry Children. The event will be held Saturday, May 18th at The University of Alabama Rec. Center. Enroll your child and sponsor another. We will acknowledge all of our sponsors in this month's issue. Call or email me for sponsorship information.  
CalandriaK@TransitionsMagazine.mygbiz.com or
205-887-KNOX (5669)
Proceeds Benefit Secret Meals For Hungry Children 

Here's the best way to keep your kids happy and physically active, while helping a wonderful cause. The first annual Tuscaloosa Kids' Triathlon takes place May 18 at The University of Alabama Recreation Center. We encourage you to register your children ages 5 to 16 years old for this first-time event.

Kids will compete in swimming, biking and running within their own age groups. Awards will be presented to the top 3 males and top 3 females in each group. Every participant will receive a medallion, water bottle and event t-shirt.

This triathlon is sanctioned by USA Triathlon (USAT) ensuring that all standards for your child's safety are met. (Flotation devices and training wheels are acceptable.)
Secret Meals
Triathlon Details
AGE GROUPAges 5-7Ages 8-10Ages 11-13Ages 14-16
SWIM25 yards
(1 pool length)
50 yards
(2 pool lengths)
100 yards
(4 pool lengths)
150 yards
(6 pool lengths)
BIKE1 mile2 miles3 miles4 miles
RUN.25 mile.50 mile1 mile1 mile
AVERAGE TIME20 minutes25 minutes30 minutes35 minutes

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Family Matters

Tamar Wilson /columnist

        It's May and time for transitioning. The kids will be out of school soon.  Reunions are underway. Let the extended time with family begin. I am from a large family. I am the fourth of my mother's and father’s five surviving children. My father is the last of eighteen, so, needless to say, I quickly became use to being around a slew of people that looked and sounded alike.  It wasn't until recent years that I came to grips with the fact that although we came from the same gene pool, we are vastly, things take place within a family unit and families are defined in so many different ways. Whether it's family by genealogical roots, adopted family, church family, or work family, so much weight is placed on the family.   Shakespeare said "What's in a name?"   I reply, A WHOLE LOT! Most fathers want a son so they have someone to carry on their name sake. They want to protect their name and make their name knowVASTLY different.
So many n for greatness. Take names like Trump and Hilton. You expect money to fall from their sweat ducts. In Alabama, what association would you make if I said Bryant? Football! Not just any football, but football greatness. How is your name any different? How valuable is your bloodline and the name attached to it?  Listen carefully. Before we can get to the gold that runs through your bloodline, it is imperative to dig deep beneath the surface and find the blockades to the mine that holds the secrets to making your name great in the earth.  

    Celebrating who you are requires knowing who you are in totality and accepting the good, bad and the ugly that has been present in your lineage, and, if not addressed properly, is sure to manifest itself again and again. Let's discuss some of the attributes that are connected to genetics. Some of the physiological traits are, of course, hair color and texture, eye color, complexion, height, and so forth. You get the picture. Think about. Have you seen a family where the parents are either short or average height but one child is in excess of 6" tall? How about the parents with a deep mahogany complexion, but they have that one child that is a vanilla-Caramel blend, light on the caramel.  Those traits were not expressed in their household but they are definitely in the blood line. Explore with me some other traits that are carried from generation to generation, and although not expressed, are still present. Physical conditions: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, sickle cell anemia, multiple sclerosis, dwarfism, rickets and the list can go on and on. Family members are also predisposed to psychological conditions such as bipolar disease, depression disorders, autism, and attention deficit disorder. Not only do physical and mental conditions have a tendency to become a cycle in family history, but also behaviors and even work ethics. 
"What's in a name?"
The expectations for family are higher than that of the average Joe on the street. This gives way for hurts to cut deeper when your family does not live up to your expectations. Not one family is the immaculate, pristine gift to the earth.  Go on and brace yourself for bad choices and the consequences thereof.  Parents please do not be afraid that exposing your hang-ups or what seems to be taboo in your family will make your children live out the mistakes or bad habits of your past.  Being open with them helps them to know what kind of behaviors to look out for and how to fight against being victim to those same mistakes.  Usually when families do not expect their loved ones to be perfect, the possibility of disappointed diminishes.    What we do expect from family is acceptance, love, truth and trust, forgiveness and a giving spirit.    When we are not met with these factors we tend to feel betrayed.  Here is the key that I have learned works.  Give your loved ones what you expect of them but expect nothing in return.  Let that soak in for a minute.  If you expect nothing, how can you become disappointed?   A lot of people have the perception that if you treat me right, then I will treat you right.  You cannot have that mindset, especially with family.  At the end of the day, no matter how estranged you might feel, you are still and will always be connected.  I hear what you are saying.  “This is a good concept, but I have already been hurt by my family through lies, deceit, betrayal, etc.  How do I deal with that?”  First accept that whatever feelings you are having are okay.  You are free to feel whatever your heart needs to feel.  Do not get stuck where you are.  Next, explore what you are feeling: why do you feel that way and what do you need to help you feel better and move on?  By all means, as hard as it may be, talk to that family member who you feel has wronged you. Be honest.  Put everything that needs to be said on the table. While you are getting your list ready to give them a piece of your mind, think on this.  The way you package your message could be the difference between mending a broken relationship and severing ties forever.  How would you want someone to tell you that you have hurt them?  What kind of message would you be open to receiving.  Sometimes tough love is the way, but in the midst of your pow-wow decide if you are being a catalyst for changing to situation for the better or making it worse. Ask yourself, how have you contributed to the problem at hand and how can you make it better.  Your contribution could simply be having ostracized a loved one that you felt did you wrong. You have to power to change your surroundings just be the vibe that you give.  It is possible that your loved one could just need your acceptance, love, truth and trust (which I know takes a while to be earned once it has been lost), to make that transition to being a valuable asset to your dynamic family name.
Maintaining a healthy family relationship takes work. The amount of work you put in is determined by how much family matters to you.  It’s time for a transition from mediocre to extraordinary.   Take your family with you on that journey.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Man oh Man...

Now that I have your attention, we will be honoring the men that have found refuge in their natural, crowning glory!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Beautiful Texture Review

Triena Denise                    BEAUTIFUL TEXTURES REVIEW
Hair Type: 3B

I gave this product a try for a steady month, maybe more. I loved the smell of it, and it seemed to be doing wonders for my hair. I loved the fact that it didn’t give me the gunky, filmy feeling like Hair Milk by Carol’s Daughter. In all, I was somewhat pleased with the results. It never did anything miraculous for my hair, but it didn’t harm it either. Well at least that’s what I thought until about a month into using it. I began to notice my hair was extremely dry all of the time. Dryness is natural for curly hair because it’s difficult for the oil to flow down the coil follicle. So I paid it no mind and increased my use of BT. It began to get worse. Beautiful textures is water based, which means you don’t get the filmy, greasy feeling; but that also means that it is extremely drying to my 3b hair type.

Beautiful Textures Curl Control 15oz
Beautiful Textures (Hair pudding & Leave – In conditioner)